In the Dominican Republic we work together with the non-profit organization "The Art of Living" to implement our goal and provide public schools with unlimited access to fresh and clean drinking water. We do this by installing water purification systems in the schools and provide for its maintenance.

At present, very few public schools around Santo Domingo are able to provide their students with safe drinking water. However, in a country where the average daytime temperature is 34°C, hydration is essential to ensure the physical and mental development of the children.  Thus the aim is to provide schools with a sustainable supply of safe drinking water, so that pupils have the energy to learn, stay focused, all leading to a better life, a better future.


The water filtration technology is tailored to the individual needs of each school. After the installation, all systems are maintained on a regular and long-term basis. 




The work of AWAKE began at the primary school Doña Socorro.

Here we installed a water filter in 2017 and were thus able to provide the approximately 625 school children with fresh and clean drinking water on a sustainable basis. Besides providing a solution for dehydration and thus enabling the children to participate more concentrated in class, the work with the children increased their incentive to go to school.



Most of the children in Los Girasoles suffer from severe trauma at an early age. The experience of domestic violence, contact with drugs and the formation of illegal gangs are common. Our trained local volunteers worked closely with the children throughout one year to help them cope with traumatic experiences and develop a new self-confidence.