In Indonesia AWAKE worked in collaboration with the University of Udayana. The university put us in touch with the Astika Dharma Community Centre and helped us in building a network with local companies.

The Astika Dharma Community Centre is located in the northeast of Bali. This region benefits less from tourism and due to its proximity to the active volcano Mt. Agungs serves as an evacuation camp for 350 people in case of an eruption. The educational center consists of a nursery, an orphanage and a traditional dance and martial arts school. In August 2018, the centre extended their facilities by building a small school for primary education. AWAKE supported this project and besides installing a water filter to ensure access to safe drinking water, provided the interior furniture of the school, as well as teaching materials, such as textbooks, maps, exercise books, pens, but also toys.


With the support of students from the University of Udayana, we organized fundraising events in Bali to communicate our message about sustainability and education. At the same time, we took advantage of the Balinese school holidays and taught the children in English and how to handle the synthetic waste. We playfully explained to them the difference between biological and synthetic materials and why it is important to reduce plastic waste. To reduce the use of disposable plastic waste we installed water filters in the center and provided the children with safe and clean drinking water. The organization Bottles for Earth donated some reusable drinking bottles so that the children are no longer dependent on disposable bottles.

In the future, AWAKE Water for Kids will continue working with the Astika Dharma Community Centre to support their goal of expanding their local school. In Summer 2019 the center will open a nursery school and more classrooms. 




Due to the close cooperation with the Astika Dharma Community Center and especially with the children, we were able to learn a lot about the Balinese culture and the Indonesian languages. During the breaks, the students showed us traditional Balinese dances and introduced us to the Indonesian language.


Our team on site had a lot of fun with the children and we are grateful for the cultural exchange and the experiences through the cooperation with the Balinese community.

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