Invest in Education:


Currently we support an educational project in Zanzibar. In the little Village community Abubakar teaches children and adults English and computer science. We want to create more possibilities for teaching by the construction of an educational center in the Community of Muungoni. The new educational centre will give people access to a broad range of courses and thus give them a better future.


Promoting education programs has been a central component of Zanzibar's national development plans for many years. However, the Region faces many challenges, especially with regard to the quality of the programs. Therefore, Abubakar's goal is to provide children with a high-quality course program, especially in subjects which will offer them better opportunities for their future lives.


AWAKE supports Abubakar's local initiatives in building and funding an independent education center. As part of the center we want to create a school garden. Here children as well as adults can grow regional agricultural products. In addition, we want to promote international cooperation and invite volunteer helpers from different parts of the world to the new education center. Volunteers can create workshops for the children in different forms to support the educational program; Consequently, promote their individual development and their self-confidence.





My story

My name is Abubakar and I am 23 years old. I decided to establish a foundation that provides kids with access to free education. I decided to do that after realizing that it’s very difficult for parents in Tanzania to pay for schooling fees and also because of the poor standard of English lessons in local  public schools. 

I left home when I was seven years old to work and pay my english lessons, because my family couldn’t have the money. After all of this experience at such a young age, I promised myself to teach people for free. I finished my high school and moved to the Muungoni village in 2016 where I worked at the sea turtles and tortoises land as a guide. I saved money to rent classes and started teaching English.

At the beginning it was easy, but the more students I had the more difficult it became to teach.  I therefore asked my uncle Ali to help me teaching for a small amount of money. As the project proceeded, I met more and more people that supported me in my work with the children.

I now receive international volunteers via the platform workaway. Volunteers help me in my teaching as well as bring school materials, such as books, blocks, etc. This has given me access to a more global community to communicate the issues our educational system faces. Through my working as a tour guide I was able to earn the money to buy a property on which I will build my own school. 

I love to see the kids smiling. It makes me feel comfortable being with them. The biggest challenge that I am facing at this moment is the financing of the school building and improved accommodation for volunteers. I would like to take this chance, to ask everyone who can to support the kids in my village so that they can pass their exams and to support their future development.


Everything you can give now will help me.


Thanks kindly, Abubakar


"No matter what global problems we are dealing with, the solutions always include education."